Some of the services I offer are listed below.  Feel free to call or email me anytime to discuss your needs.

mechanical issues


Have you got a bang, rattle or clunk?  This could be the start of a worn component so get it checked as soon as possible.  These ‘small’ issues will only get worse the longer you leave it.  Unusual noises are one of the best indicators that something with your car is not quite right.

starter motors and alternators


Car not starting as well as it used to?  It may be your battery.  I can come to you and test your battery and charging system.  Don’t get caught out with a dead battery!  Is your battery light on?  This light is an indicator that the alternator is NOT charging the battery so I can also check the charging system of your vehicle. 

engine mechanical repairs


Have you got oil leaking on your driveway?  I can come to you and repair the oil leaks and clean down your engine.  Oil leaks are another thing that, if left too long, will cost you more money.  Also, over time it can be difficult to locate the cause of the oil leak as it just becomes a big mess!  Oil leaks can also damage other components in your engine like drive belts.

check engine light


Is your orange engine light on?  I can check and test your vehicle’s computer for faults using my diagnostic equipment.  If this light is currently on, or has been on and disappeared again, the chances are you will be using more fuel or there are other issues lurking in the background.  As I always say, ORANGE light is a warning that you have an issue and should get it checked as soon as possible and RED lights mean STOP and turn off the engine.  RED lights on your dash are a warning that you have a major problem.

brake squeal


Have you got a squeal or your steering wheel shakes when braking?  I highly recommend you get this checked if you do.  Your braking system is number one for your safety.  Squealing brakes can be caused by a few different things but can also mean they are due for replacement.  If your steering wheel is shaking when you brake the cause is normally the rotors are warped,  Your brake fluid is also a important factor and is often overlooked by some mechanics, I test the brake fluid on all cars as this fluid is only good for 2 years.

Sparks Mechanical vehicle air conditioning repairs and re-gassing. If your air conditioning is not blowing cold air anymore it is possible the gas has leaked from the system.  It’s important that the system is checked before you get it re-gassed because if the leak is not found it will just leak out again and your system will stop working. Feel free to call Sparks Mechanical to make a booking to get your system checked.


Here are some of the repair services offered to the residents of Brisbane North-West area.

Electrical Repairs

If your car has trouble starting, your battery might have a problem. I will test your battery and charging system and see if you need to replace the battery. There is nothing worse than being caught with a dead battery. You need to contact me as soon as you notice the battery light blinking.

Engine repairs

If oil starts leaking from your car, the engine could have a problem. You should contact me to clean the engine and repair the oil leaks before it becomes worse. Waiting too long will cost more as the leaks can damage other engine parts.

Diagnostics Check

If your orange engine lights on, it is a sign that there is something wrong with your car and you should contact me. I will perform a diagnostic check using my equipment and determine if the computer has faults. Contact me as soon as you get an orange light before it turns red. A red light means you should turn off the engine immediately as there is a major problem that needs to be addressed.

Steering and braking system

It is important to have a working braking system as it is the first thing that assures your safety when driving. If there is a squeal or shaking when you are using your brakes, you should have the steering and braking system inspected as it could be having a problem. The brake fluid also needs to be checked and replaced every 2 years.

We work in the following areas:

Mitchelton Queensland 4053,     Arana Hills Queensland 4054,     Ferny Hills Queensland 4055,

Keperra Queensland 4054,     Everton Hills Queensland 4053,     Everton Park Queensland 4053,

Stafford Queensland 4053,     Stafford Heights Queensland 4053,     Chermside Queensland 4032,

Chermside West Queensland 4032,     Enoggera Queensland 4051,     Alderley Queensland 4051,

Ashgrove Queensland 4060,     Gaythorne Queensland 4051,   The Gap Queensland 4061,

Upper Kedron Queensland 4055,     Kedron Queensland 4031,     Grange Queensland 4051,

Bardon Queensland 4065,     McDowall Queensland 4053,     Aspley Queensland 4034,

Bridgeman Downs Queensland 4035,     Albany Creek Queensland 4035,     Ferny Grove Queensland 4055,     Grovely Terrace,     Mitchelton Queensland 4053,     Gordon Park Queensland 4031,     Newmarket Queensland 4051, and Red Hill Queensland 4059.