Did you know that most cars on our roads use a gas called R134a?  This is important as there are other types of gas on the market that may be cheaper to use BUT these other gasses could DAMAGE the system. Sparks Mechanical only uses the recommended gas which is R134a.


Sparks Mechanical vehicle air conditioning repairs and re-gassing. If your air conditioning is not blowing cold air anymore it is possible the gas has leaked from the system.  It’s important that the system is checked before you get it re-gassed because if the leak is not found it will just leak out again and your system will stop working. Feel free to call Sparks Mechanical to make a booking to get your system checked.



To make your vehicle’s air conditioning system function more effectively, make sure the FRESH/RECIRCULATION lever is set to RECIRCULATE.  This will make your car colder and it will also keep leaves and dirt out of your pollen/cabin filter.

On a hot day open all the windows and turn the air condition fan up to full drive for a few minutes to remove the hot air from the car.  Then close all your windows, reduce the fan speed, and the air from the vents will get colder.

  • Speed 1 vent temps are around 4 degrees celsius
  • Speed 4 vent temps are around 10 degrees celsius

If you are buying a new car, white coloured cars are cooler than dark coloured cars.  This is something to keep in mind if you live in a warm climate, such as Queensland.