Hints and tips from a mechanic,

 Sometimes advice comes best from the mechanics that see the small and sometimes big mistakes some customers make, So I’m going to post up hints and tips for my customers to save you money and time.

​Saving on fuel would be the number 1 thing that customers/vehicle owners  all love,  Saving on fuel is always a bonus and If you follow these tips it will put some dollars back in your pocket.

Check your pressure

The most basic thing a owner can do to save fuel is check your tyre pressures at least once a month. Small cars eg. (Hyundai Getz) I would put 36psi in the front tyres and 34psi in the rear. Medium cars eg. (Mitsubishi Lancer) I would put 38psi in the front tyres and 36psi in the rear. Large cars eg. (Holden Commodore) I would put 40psi in the front tyres and 38 in the rear. This may be higher than what the placard recommends but it will save you on fuel and tyres, I will cover tyres in another post.

Remove excess weight

Clean out your car of items that do not need to be in the vehicle, Less weight = less fuel.

Keep your engine air filter in good clean condition

Keep your (MAF) Manifold air flow sensor clean

Use good fuels

I have done many hours research on E10 fuels and I do not recommend anyone uses it in there vehicle, Normal unleaded is better for your car than E10. Some cars run better on 95 and 98 octane, Experiment with different fuels as every car is different.

Engine oils

Some engines can run on different weight oils,
Running a thinner oil can give better fuel economy eg. A car may have a 10w40 oil listed that you can use it also may have a 5w30 listed for the same vehicle/engine. Depending on the vehicles km traveled also depends on what oil is best for the vehicle.


Take off roof racks when you do not need them, Other things that affect air flow over the vehicle should be removed if possible. When buying a vehicle look for cars that are aero dynamic, A car shaped like a brick will use more fuel.

Wheel alignment

Its a good idea to get a wheel alignment once a year. A car with a bad alignment will use more fuel and eat the tyres.

Hints and tips

As a mechanic, I have repaired many cars, and I know the common mistakes customers make. I will provide some tips that will be beneficial to you and make you spend more time on the road and less time doing repairs. These tips will also help you save on fuel.

Here are the basic tips:

  • The fuel tank Should be checked to make sure its clean before replacing the fuel pump. The fuel tank accumulates particles and debris over time
  • You should also take care of the tires and ensure they are properly inflated and not worn out. Having good tires will increase the stability of the vehicle and will make the car safer to drive.
  • You should also ensure your brakes are working properly. The brakes are important when it comes to safety while driving. The brake system should regularly be inspected to ensure it is always in good working condition. The brake fluid should be replaced every two years.
  • Change the coolant and flush the cooling system at least once a year to prevent the cooling system from corroding due to deposits building up.
  • You should also keep your car clean and grease all moving parts to avoid wear.
  • To protect the paint of the car, apply a coat of high-quality wax at least once every six months.

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